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Rodenstock | Filters Ultra Violet (UV)

Rodenstock Digital Pro<br>Ultra Violet (UV) Filters

Rodenstock Digital Pro
Ultra Violet (UV) Filters

Ultra Violet Filters
The special effect of the UV filters are different from that of all other Rodenstock filters. It blocks UV and infrared radiation by interference through a dielectric multi-layer coating, instead of by absorption in the glass (as for instance a pure UV blocking filter does).

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Price: $44.00 - $132.00
Brand Size Price Qty.
Rodenstock 37mm $44.00
Rodenstock 40mm $44.00
Rodenstock 43mm $44.00
Rodenstock 46mm $44.00
Rodenstock 49mm $44.00
Rodenstock 52mm $44.00
Rodenstock 55mm $44.00
Rodenstock 58mm $55.00
Rodenstock 62mm $55.00
Rodenstock 67mm $66.00
Rodenstock 72mm $88.00
Rodenstock 77mm $99.00
Rodenstock 82mm $132.00

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