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Rodenstock | Filters Circular Polarizer

Rodenstock HR Digital<br>Circular Polarizer Filters

Rodenstock HR Digital
Circular Polarizer Filters

Circular Polarizing Filters
Polarizing filters have a polarizing film between two protecting glass plates inside a rotating mount, which is transparent only for light oscillating on a specific plane. Depending on the orientation of the filter, polarized light is rejected completely or partially.

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Price: $154.00 - $792.00
Brand Size Price Qty.
Rodenstock 49mm $154.00
Rodenstock 52mm $165.00
Rodenstock 55mm $187.00
Rodenstock 58mm $187.00
Rodenstock 62mm $198.00
Rodenstock 67mm $220.00
Rodenstock 72mm $242.00
Rodenstock 77mm $286.00
Rodenstock 82mm $330.00
Rodenstock 86mm $605.00
Rodenstock 95mm $792.00